Adia Victoria : Beyond The Bloodhounds

Adia Victoria : Beyond The Bloodhounds

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The Nashville-based artist travels the land of Delta blues, afro punk, and country andwithBeyond The BloodhoundsAdiareveals a fresh reference point on the musical landscape.Ask about her artistic goals, and the songwriter/vocalist will say, "I want to shine a light on the unseen, and speak the unspeakable."Adia Victoriais a truth teller. She admits, "I don't necessarily paint myself in a flattering light. This isn't the pop version of pretty or the strategically posed pretty-ugly. Sometimes I'm just ugly. There's a brat in some of these songs, selfish, naïve, vengeful, but there's also a tender eye that just wants the listener to feel seen and understood."
Beyond The Bloodhoundswas produced byRoger Moutenot(Yo La Tengo,Sleater Kinney) and the artist herself and recorded at Nashville, Tennessee's Haptown Studios, The album features the indelible lyrics, voice, and guitar solos ofAdia Victoriaalong with a band of talented musicians includingTiffany Minton(Drums),Alex Caress(keys),Mason Hickman(guitar), andJason Harris(bass).

1. [0:46] Lonely Avenue
2. [2:21] Dead Eyes
3. [2:52] Out Of Love
4. [4:17] Mortimer's Blues
5. [5:15] Sea Of Sand [Explicit]
6. [4:23] And Then You Die
7. [3:21] Howlin' Shame
8. [4:00] Horrible Weather
9. [4:05] Head Rot
10. [4:29] Invisible Hands
11. [3:07] Stuck In The South
12. [4:37] Mexico Blues

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