Billy Cobham : The Atlantic Box Set 1973-1978 (8CD)

Billy Cobham : The Atlantic Box Set 1973-1978 (8CD)

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A definitive collection of Billy’s Cobham’s early career as a bandleader on Atlantic, lavishly packaged, remastered and featuring unreleased material, as well as singles.

1. Quadrant 4 (Billy Cobham)
2. Searching For The Right Door (Billy Cobham)
3. Spectrum (Billy Cobham)
4. Anxiety (Billy Cobham)
5. Taurian Matador (Billy Cobham)
6. Stratus (Billy Cobham)
7. To The Women In My Life (Billy Cobham)
8. Le Lis (Billy Cobham)
9. Snoopy's Search (Billy Cobham)
10. Red Baron (Billy Cobham)
11. All 4 One (Outtake) (Billy Cobham)
12. Stratus - Pt. I (Mono) (Billy Cobham)
13. Stratus - Pt. I (Stereo) (Billy Cobham)
14. Stratus - Pt. II (Stereo) (Billy Cobham)
1. Spanish Moss - A Sound Portrait (Billy Cobham)
2. The Pleasant Pheasant (Billy Cobham)
3. Heather (Billy Cobham)
4. Crosswind (Billy Cobham)
5. Crosswind (Billy Cobham)
6. Le Lis (Billy Cobham)
1. Solarization: Solarization / Second Phase / Crescent Sun / Voyage / Solarization - Recapitulation (Billy Cobham)
2. Lunarputians (Billy Cobham)
3. Total Eclipse (Billy Cobham)
4. Bandits (Billy Cobham)
5. Moon Germs (Billy Cobham)
6. The Moon Ain't Made Of Green Cheese (Billy Cobham)
7. Sea Of Tranquility (Billy Cobham)
8. Last Frontier (Billy Cobham)
9. Moon Germs (Billy Cobham)
1. Shabazz (Recorded Live in Europe) (Billy Cobham)
2. Taurian Matador (Live in Europe) [Revised] (Billy Cobham)
3. Red Baron (Live in Europe) [Revised] (Billy Cobham)
4. Tenth Pinn (Live in Europe) (Billy Cobham)
1. Panhandler (Billy Cobham)
2. Sorcery (Billy Cobham)
3. A Funky Thide Of Sings (Billy Cobham)
4. Thinking Of You (Billy Cobham)
5. Some Skunk Funk (Billy Cobham)
6. Light At The End Of The Tunnel (Billy Cobham)
7. A Funky Kind Of Thing (Billy Cobham)
8. Moody Modes (Billy Cobham)
9. Neu Rock N' Roll (Outtake) (Billy Cobham)
1. Life & Times (Billy Cobham)
2. 29 (Billy Cobham)
3. Siesta / Wake Up / That's What I Said (Billy Cobham)
4. East Bay (Billy Cobham)
5. Earthlings (Billy Cobham)
6. Song For A Friend (Part I) (Billy Cobham)
7. On A Natural High (Billy Cobham)
8. Song For A Friend (Part II) (Billy Cobham)
9. Out Of Darkness (Natural Essence)
10. It's You I Need (Natural Essence)
1. Hip Pockets (Billy Cobham)
2. Ivory Tattoo (Billy Cobham)
3. Space Lady (Billy Cobham)
4. Almustafa The Beloved (Billy Cobham)
5. Do What Cha Wanna (Billy Cobham)
6. Frankenstein Goes To The Disco (Billy Cobham)
7. Sweet Wine (Billy Cobham)
8. Juicy (Billy Cobham)
9. Do What Cha Wanna (Billy Cobham)
10. Hip Pockets (Billy Cobham)
1. Inner Conflicts (Billy Cobham)
2. The Muffin Talks Back (Billy Cobham)
3. Nickels And Dimes (Billy Cobham)
4. El Barrio (Billy Cobham)
5. Arroyo (Billy Cobham)

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