Black Crowes : Transmission Impossible

Black Crowes : Transmission Impossible 3xCD

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This 3 CD set includes two discs featuring superb live radio broadcasts, recorded and transmitted in 1990 and 1993 respectively, plus a CD of band interviews and spoken word biography, all of which make for a fitting tribute to a group who, across more than 25 years, proved that in-yer-face rock music is alive and well and selling like it always has done - in droves.

Disc 1:

  • 1.Twice As Hard
  • 2.Kick the Devil Outta Me
  • 3.Sister Luck
  • 4.Jealous Guy
  • 5.Hard To Handle
  • 6.Could I've Been So Blind
  • 7.Stare It Cold
  • 8.Jealous Again
  • 9.Encore - Break
  • 10.Struttin' Blues
  • 11.Honky Tonk Woman

Disc 2:

  • 1.Twice As Hard
  • 2.Thick n' Thin
  • 3.You're Wrong
  • 4.Stare It Cold
  • 5.Sister Luck
  • 6.Hard To Handle
  • 7.Could I've Been So Blind
  • 8.Shake 'Em On Down / Get Back /Walk With Jesus
  • 9.She Talks To Angels
  • 10.Dreams
  • 11.Jealous Again

Disc 3:

  • 1.In the Beginning
  • 2.The Boys in the Band
  • 3.The Band Plays On
  • 4.Hitting the Big Time
  • 5.Platinum Platters
  • 6.From Success To Excess
  • 7.Telling It How It Is
  • 8.Logo No - Go
  • 9.People Come and People Go, The LPs Keep On Keeping On
  • 10.Life with Lions, Liam and Love
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