Calle 13 : MultiViral

Calle 13 : MultiViral

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Kicking off their career with hungry and hedonistic club hits, Puerto Rican hip-hop duo Calle 13 have been blowing up expectations with each successive album, but MultiViral ups the ante. Here the political commentary and the genre-jumping which came to the forefront on 2010's Entren Los Que Quieran remains in place, but there's a sense of earned artistic freedom throughout the album, one that allows the group to slowly stroll up to "El Aguante," the album's first hook-filled cut, which doesn't arrive 'til the track counter reads "4." Early on in the Calle 13 discography, that would have felt like drudgery, but now, lead singer Residente is more compelling and in command, excelling on free-form songs like "Respira el Momento". -David Jeffries

1. Intro - El Viaje - Calle 13 feat. Eduardo Galeano
2. La Vida (Respira el Momento)
3. Interludio - Un Buen Día para Morir - Calle 13 feat. Vernon Foster
4. El Aguante
1. Ojos Color Sol - Calle 13 feat. Silvio Rodríguez
2. Multi_Viral - Calle 13 feat. Julian Assange, Kamilya Jubran and Tom Morello
3. Cuando los Pies Besan el Piso
4. Adentro
1. Interludio - Stupid Is as Stupid Does - Calle 13 feat. John Leguizamo
2. Los Idiotas
3. Fuera de la Atmósfera del Cráneo
4. Perseguido - Calle 13 feat. Biga Ranx
1. Gato Que Avanza, Perro Que Ladra
2. Me Vieron Cruzar
3. Así de Grandes Son las Ideas

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