Charlie Farley : All I've Been Through

Charlie Farley : All I've Been Through

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On the heels of his groundbreaking debut, De Queen, Arkansas native Charlie Farley delivers his sophomore effort "All I've Been Through". Like two old friends, Charlie takes you from a field party to the inside of his heart, showing a vulnerable side that lives within all of us.
"All I've Been Through" is a young man's musical odyssey. From the opening chords to the final note, each song offers a panorama of rural America delivered in a unique country lilt with Hip-Hop styling.
Farley shares his view of his world, the life of a blue-collar man, by offering a sometimes-frenzied delivery offset by a confessional tone. Ushering in the sounds of summer, the albums lead track, "Southern Summertime" features the smooth vocals of Georgia darling and Country Artist, Daniel Lee.
A special bonus version of "Southern Summertime" also features ground-breaking country artist Colt Ford.The track "Concrete Dreams" traces Farley's journey to pursue his brand of country which is rapidly resonating with fans and converting new believers nationwide.
Since the emergence of country/rap and its push to the mainstream, the subgenre has continued to grow their incredible fan base and more and more acts have been reaping the benefits of it. However, every now and then an artist comes along, regardless of the category their music is placed in, that stands out differently from the pack. Charlie Farley may very well be the next in line to be that artist to achieve monumental success as he shows us on his sophomore effort All That I ve Been Through. Where so many acts that fit into this categories stereotypes sing about the party or muddin, Farley opts to bring his music to a different, and oftentimes more personal level, exposing who he is inside and out.
Throughout the album, such as on songs like Tomorrow, he leans on clap-a-long grooves that are destined to turn these songs into anthems. Led by the single Southern Summertime, he does pull on the common themes of the country lifestyle, but uniquely twists them into something fresh and different as he explores the small town way of life on Country As This and pays homage to his hometown on Southern Comfort. However, Farley doesn t stay stuck on these themes too long.
He offers sage advice on Love Harder when he sings lines such as, take a stand for what you believe in or tell the one you love how you feel. And he delivers the standout track of the album with Red Rose.
The ultra-personal song is quoted as being the most difficult one for Farley to write and deliver as it is about the loss of his sister. By tapping into his very real confusion that still lives and breathes inside of him, Farley delivers an emotionally charged piece that carries depth in the exact ways that a great country lyric is supposed to do.
Colt Ford, Daniel Lee, and others, make guest appearances on the album giving fans an additional feature to be excited about. While most will lump Farley into the country/rap or country hip hop category, this is so much more than that. This digs deep into his personal life allowing the album to play like a biography, and while his counterparts often come across more rough around the edges, Farley smoothly delivers all of his songs giving this a cleaner, more radio friendly sound. But what this album achieves the most is that it showcases the incredible amount of growth, both personally and as an artist, that Farley has experienced since he released Hog Heaven and this will be the key factor to giving the listeners a firm connection to the songs. --One Stop Country

1. [3:00] All I've Been Through
2. [3:04] Cashville
3. [2:57] Country As This
4. [3:32] Get It Girl
5. [3:07] Going Going Gone
6. [2:50] Headlights
7. [3:22] Love Harder (feat. Alex Hall)
8. [3:46] Red Rose (feat. Noah Gordon)
9. [3:37] Southern Comfort
10. [3:41] Southern Summertime (feat. Daniel Lee)
11. [2:57] Tomorrow
12. [3:40] Concrete Dreams (feat. Cody Davis)
13. [3:41] Southern Summertime (feat. Colt Ford & Daniel Lee)

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