Counting Crows : Hard Candy

Counting Crows : Hard Candy

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Counting Crows ~ Hard Candy
Hard Candy is, most certainly, just another Counting Crows album. But it's difficult to imagine that there's ever going to be too many. For a band that formed during the grunge-dominated early 1990s, Counting Crows did something remarkably brave--though they helped themselves to the same legacy of 1970s and '80s FM radio rock as the Seattle groups, they chose not to subvert it with any punk influences. Counting Crows were determined to play Steve Miller and Tom Petty and Bruce Hornsby at their own game, and Hard Candy is the fourth astonishing album that has resulted. Counting Crows have now settled into a template with which they clearly feel comfortable--simple but elaborately orchestrated songs, buffed and polished to a high sheen, which serve as a glittering backdrop to Adam Duritz's lyrics. These, now as ever, are chiefly concerned with excitingly unattainable women and the roads he travels to get to or away from them. He tantalizes, as he often does, with specific names and places, but is never so solipsistic that the songs are robbed of a universal appeal. --Andrew Mueller

1. [4:20] Hard Candy
2. [4:32] American Girls [feat. Sheryl Crow]
3. [4:24] Good Time
4. [3:52] If I Could Give All My Love -Or- Richard Manuel Is Dead
5. [4:16] Goodnight L.A.
6. [2:48] Butterfly In Reverse
7. [5:01] Miami
8. [3:50] New Frontier
9. [4:02] Carriage
10. [3:52] Black And Blue
11. [4:37] Why Should You Come When I Call?
12. [5:07] Up All Night (Frankie Miller Goes To Hollywood)
13. [3:48] Holiday In Spain
14. [3:45] Big Yellow Taxi [feat. Vanessa Carlton]

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