COVEN O.S.T. - Coven

COVEN O.S.T. - Coven

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Limited heavyweight black vinyl LP pressing housed in deluxe album jackets with occult spot varnish including digital download. Liner notes by Mark Borchardt and Patrick Nettesheim. Also includes jumbo 22" x 34" hand-drawn Coven poster, hand-numbered FM3 certificate. Forever Midnight is proud to announce the release of the soundtrack album to 'Coven' (pronounced with a long 'O' like 'woven', not like 'oven') - the legendary 1997 short horror film by Mark Borchardt. Patrick Nettesheim's score is a brooding assortment of dreamlike synths, overdriven guitars, pounding drums and wailing choirs, all run through a charming and creepy home-recorded filter. From the opening, ominous bending bass hits to the final slow-dancing pianos, this thoughtful soundtrack conjures images of dilapidated scarecrows, haunted drive-ins and black-robed fiends - a perfect compliment to Coven's stark black and white imagery and harrowing themes. Mark Borchardt's Coven and it's trialed completion are well known as the subject of the award-winning 1999 documentary American Movie, but Coven stands on its own as a unique artistic achievement - successful as both a strong, beautiful work from Borchardt's storied life in film and as a symbol of the triumph of creativity and drive in the shadow of adverse fortune. First 500 copies include digital download of the film Coven and a page from the Coven screenplay.

1. Obit
2. Origin Unknown
3. Twisted Children's Choir
4. Turn It Loose
5. Incursion
6. Flock
7. Virus
8. Newslime
9. Three
10. Viral Demise
11. Aticipate
12. Drink from Hell
13. Flow Mechanics
14. Pagan Whore
15. Out of Darkness

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