Cowboy Mouth : Uh Oh

Cowboy Mouth : Uh Oh

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Cowboy Mouths' sound is a wild concoction of rockm pop, punk, zydeco with a comedic flare. It's hyper-energetic music that needs to be heard and what better way to discover them but with their new album UH OH.
Cowboy Mouth is really all things to all people. Their brainy, sweaty mix of novelty songs, delicate psychedelia, glam, classic rock, and roots gets better and better over time. It's rare in a band that has had such a long run to maintain such brash energy and enthusiasm. While the New Orleans-based band hasn't settled down into a single groove or genre, the musicianship has been tightened up as the players tame some of their former manic energy into a more coherent musical statement. "Trouble" sounds like a missing Kiss track and is a damn sight more interesting than what the painted warriors are turning out lately. The muscular guitar licks, rather misogynist sentiments, chugging bass, and bombastic drumming is a throwback to the days when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, and that is a good thing. "Bad Girl" is a hoot, if only for the aside: "Who cares if Michael Stipe is straight or gay." Cowboy Mouth has finally captured the breathless fun of their incendiary live shows. --Jaan Uhelszki

1. [3:14] Tomorrow Never Knows
2. [3:57] Disconnected
3. [2:52] Tell The Girl
4. [1:46] Friends
5. [3:33] Uh-Oh
6. [2:40] So Much The Better
7. [4:10] Can't Stay Here
8. [3:19] Better
9. [3:25] Invincible
10. [3:02] Be That Way
11. [3:37] Trouble
12. [3:20] Senseless
13. [2:42] Bad Girl

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