Evil Stig & Joan Jett And the Gits : Evil Stig (Feat. Joan Jett)

Evil Stig & Joan Jett And the Gits : Evil Stig (Feat. Joan Jett)

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This CD has been out of print for years. Evil Stig was a band created out of the heartbreak of the rape and murder of Mia Zapata, lead singer of the Seattle based band, the Gits. Joan formed Evil Stig (Gits Live - spelled backwards) with the remaining band members, Steve Moriarty, Matt Dresdner and Joe Spleen in an effort to help fund the private investigator's search for the murderer. The entire Seattle Punk/Grunge community came together in many ways to keep awareness of this murder at the forefront. This effort, Evil Stig, was hailed as one of the best Punk albums ever made. Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill adds some songwriting and vocals. Mia's songs are performed with the passion of the zealot, and the intensity of the singing and guitar playing alone could make you a believer. in an unbelievable epilogue, a cold case DNA hit in Miami caught the murderer in 2004. This CD has been re-mastered and includes enhanced material, Including live footage from the era of the original Evil Stig.

1. [2:22] Sign of the Crab
2. [2:53] Bob (Cousin O.)
3. [2:47] Drinking Song
4. [2:42] Spear & Magic Helmet
5. [3:44] Last To Know
6. [2:23] Guilt Within Your Head
7. [3:05] Whirlwind
8. [2:37] Another Shot of Whiskey
9. [2:43] Second Skin
10. [3:28] Activity Grrrl
11. [3:17] You Got A Problem
12. [3:05] Crimson & Clover
13. [5:18] Drunks

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