Floetry : Floetic

Floetry : Floetic

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No description available.Genre: Soul/R&BRating: Release Date: 0000-00-00Media Type: Compact Disk
It's hard to imagine two more talented hipsters than Floetry singer Marsha Ambrosius and emcee Natalie Stewart, a.k.a. the Songstress and Floacist. The U.K. duo's Floetic debut has it all--smooth R&B, soulful jazz, hip-hop, spoken word, supple ballads and a warmth that cradles the listener from beginning to end. In short, it's exquisitely, decidedly feminine. The pair occasional raise the roof with sizzling rhymes and beats, but they clearly place a premium on vibe, evident in Floetic's mostly chilled, after-dark feel. Jill Scott and Michael Jackson have already benefited from Floetry's deft songwriting; Jacko covered Floetry's "Butterflies" on his Invincible disc. A demo version of that song is included here, but that's the least of the bounty. "Hello" is pure honey with the women's silky voices braided in harmony while the dreamy, gently gurgling "Sunshine" is like a soundtrack to a daydream. Comparisons abound (Lauryn Hill-meets-Dionne Warwick as scored by a blunted De La Soul maybe?) but perhaps the best description of Floetic yet unearthed is "sass and soul." And, at almost 70 minutes long, it's a steal. --Kim Hughes

1. [1:54] Big Ben
2. [4:06] Floetic
3. [3:52] Ms. Stress
4. [4:16] Sunshine
5. [6:46] Getting Late
6. [4:15] Fun
7. [4:21] Mr. Messed Up
8. [4:28] Say Yes
9. [4:08] Hello
10. [4:03] Headache
11. [5:04] Hey You
12. [5:03] If I Was A Bird
13. [4:00] Opera
14. [3:57] Subliminal
15. [4:03] Butterflies (Demo Version)
16. [4:51] Now You're Gone (More Than I Can Feel) [feat. Sebastian Rogers]

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