Jadakiss : Kiss Tha Game Goodbye

Jadakiss : Kiss Tha Game Goodbye

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One would think that Jadakiss's fleeing Puff Daddy's record label to renew his membership in the reputable Ruff Ryder camp (alongside talents DMX and Eve) would guarantee greater things to come. However, Kiss tha Game Goodbye exposes Jada's lyrical limitations rather than magnifying his talents. The album kicks off with the keyboard-heavy Swizz Beatz-produced "Jada's Got a Gun." The hook is sung to the tune of Aerosmith's "Janie's Got a Gun," but it's not so much the unoriginal chorus that grates on the nerves as it is Jadakiss's narrow gun-centric lyrical focus as he brags: "I got a gun wit' 200 shots / I'm the reason you moved your family to a whole new other block." Students of the rap game will get a healthy sampling of Jada's unparalleled diction and punch lines that flow over great beats supplied by A-list producers (Timbaland, Neptunes, and DJ Premier in this case). There's little diversity in his lyrics as he boasts in "I'm a Gangsta" "my bullets is bisexual cuz they hit niggas and bitches," while in the Snoop Dogg-aided "Cruisin'" where he threatens to spread "bullets around like chicken pox." "We Gonna Make It" is an obvious chartbuster despite utilizing the same music as Ras Kass did in the "Home Sweet Home" underground headbanger. Likewise, the album is worth purchasing to peep the Beanie Sigel dis track "Un-Hunh!" However, some will tire of Jada's gun-talk and serial-philandering routine. Jadakiss has claimed to be the best rapper on the scene since the Notorious B.I.G. passed away, but if he keeps this routine up it might be time to Kiss tha Fame goodbye. --Dalton Higgins

1. [0:57] Intro (Album Version (Explicit)) [Explicit]
2. [4:27] Jada's Got A Gun (Album Version (Explicit)) [Explicit]
3. [3:40] Show Discipline (Album Version (Explicit)) [Explicit]
4. [3:33] Knock Yourself Out (Album Version (Explicit)) [Explicit]
5. [3:34] We Gonna Make It [feat. Styles of The Lox] [Explicit]
6. [3:37] None Of Y'all Betta (Album Version (Explicit)) [Explicit]
7. [1:49] Stick Yourself (Skit)
8. [3:31] I'm A Gangsta (Album Version (Explicit)) [Explicit]
9. [3:57] Nasty Girl (Album Version (Explicit)) [Explicit]
10. [3:27] Put Ya Hands Up (Album Version (Explicit)) [Explicit]
11. [2:42] Jay Jerkin' (Skit)
12. [4:22] On My Way (Album Version (Explicit)) [Explicit]
13. [3:55] Cruisin' (Album Version (Explicit)) [Explicit]
14. [3:55] Kiss Is Spittin' (Album Version (Explicit)) [Explicit]
15. [3:42] Fuckin' Or What? (Album Version (Explicit)) [Explicit]
16. [4:11] It's Time I See You (Album Version (Explicit)) [Explicit]
17. [4:30] What You Ride For? (Album Version (Explicit)) [Explicit]
18. [4:22] Un-Hunh! (Album Version (Explicit)) [Explicit]
19. [2:01] Feel Me (Album Version (Explicit)) [Explicit]
20. [5:27] Keep Ya Head Up (Album Version (Explicit)) [Explicit]
21. [5:07] Outro (Album Version (Explicit)) [Explicit]

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