John Williams & London Symphony Orchestra - Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones Soundtrack

John Williams & London Symphony Orchestra - Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones Soundtrack

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* Limited edition of 1000 first pressings. * First time ever as a standalone vinyl release. * Complete track listing and additional art Originally released alongside the movie in 2002, the original motion picture soundtrack to Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones' 13-track score from legendary composer John Williams has been remastered to maximize the recording's dynamic range. Continuing with I Am Shark's innovative variant character color coordination, which saw the vinyl release of the Episode I soundtrack come in 5 different variations, the upcoming vinyl release of the Episode II soundtrack premieres fan favorite Jango Fett's own colored vinyl pressing (Silver / Transparent Royal Mix). Aside from beautifully colored vinyl and the eye catching imagery featured on the gatefold packaging, there are hints of a hidden surprise included in this album.
One of the great joys of the Star Wars films are the iconic soundtracks conducted by John Williams. And later this year, Williams score from Star War Episode II Attack of the Clones is finally coming to vinyl courtesy of I Am Shark. The original 13-track score from Attack of the Clones has been remastered and will be released via two double-sided LPs. Attack of the Clones vinyl soundtrack will be packaged in a gatefold jacket with Drew Struzans original artwork for the film s poster and a shot of the clone army from late in the movie. The colors of the records themselves feature the silver and blue shades of Jango Fett. I Am Shark is hinting at a hidden surprise included in this album, but I think we will have to wait and see what that is before I make any guesses about it.

1. Star Wars Main Title and Ambush on Coruscant
2. Across the Stars
3. Zam the Assassin and the Chase Through Coruscant
4. Yoda and the Younglings
5. Departing Coruscant
6. Anakin and Padme
7. Jango s Escape
8. The Meadow Picnic
9. Bounty Hunters Pursuit
10. Return to Tatooine
11. The Tusken Camp and the Homestead
12. Love Pledge and the Arena
13. Confrontation with Count Dooku and Finale

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