Leadbelly : Legend of Leadbelly: The Tradition Years

Leadbelly : Legend of Leadbelly: The Tradition Years

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One of the leading icons of the folk world, Leadbelly's songs have become as widely known as any in the history of American folk or popular music, among them, "Goodnight Irene", "Rock Island Line", "Midnight Special", "Take This Hammer", "Boll Weavil" "John Henry" and "Bourgeois Blues". Although Leadbelly died a pauper in Belleview Hospital in 1949, his fame is posthumous; his songs and singing are a powerful part of American folk music. The Tradition recordings were among the first Leadbelly recordings to be made available commercially and rank among his finest work. As part of the ongoing, critically acclaimed "Tradition Years" series, all tracks have been newly remastered with original notes from the Tradition releases included along with restored original cover art of the classic LPs.

1. [3:03] De Kalb Blues
2. [3:05] Looky, Looky, Yonder / Black Betty / Yellow Women's Doorbells
3. [3:22] Bourgeois Blues
4. [3:20] Po' Howard / Green Corn
5. [3:08] The Gallis Pole
6. [2:09] How Long
7. [2:34] Goodnight Irene
8. [1:29] Noted Rider
9. [1:18] Big Fat Woman
10. [1:11] Borrow Love & Go
11. [4:16] John Hardy
12. [0:49] Bring Me Li'l Water, Sylvie
13. [0:41] Julie Ann Johnson
14. [0:55] Line Em'
15. [1:24] Whoa, Back Buck!
16. [3:07] Roberta
17. [3:01] Black Gal
18. [3:08] Yellow Gal
19. [2:56] When The Boys Were On The Western Plain
20. [2:26] Pretty Flower In Your Backyard
21. [3:15] New Orleans (The Rising Sun Blues)
22. [3:14] John Hardy (Version 2)
23. [2:43] Pretty Flower In Your Backyard (Version 2)

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