Maná - Sueños Liquidos

Maná - Sueños Liquidos

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1997's SUEÑOS LIQUIDOS was Mana's first #1 debut album in the states and it also produced the band's first #1 song, En El Muelle De San Blas. After four Top 10 hits from this album (En El Muelle De San Blas, Clavado En Un Bar, Hechicera and Como Dueles En Los Labios), Mana  went on to witness their first sold out tour in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. It was at this moment in time that critics and fans alike began to realize that this was a band that would secure their place in Latin music history.

1. [4:58] Hechicera
2. [5:22] Un lobo por tu amor
3. [4:07] Como dueles en los labios
4. [5:12] Chamán
5. [4:39] Tu tienes lo que quiero
6. [5:10] Clavado en un bar
7. [4:03] Róbame el alma
8. [5:52] En el muelle de San Blás
9. [5:29] La sirena
10. [5:01] Me voy a convertir en un ave
11. [5:10] Como te extraño corazón
12. [4:29] Amame hasta que me muera
13. [0:44] "Mr. Gruf" (Hidden Track)

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