McCoy Tyner : The Real Mccoy [LP][Reissue]

McCoy Tyner : The Real Mccoy

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In 1967, one year after being replaced in John Coltrane's band and three months before Coltrane's death, McCoy Tyner and Elvin Jones recorded Tyner's Blue Note debut. It's a pure distillation of the strengths that McCoy brought to Coltrane -- the ringing left-hand chords, the crashing clusters of fourths in the right hand, and the tumbling-down-the-hill solo style -- that make him one of the most influential jazz pianists of the past 40 years. It also showcases McCoy's debt to Trane -- the compositional devotion to modes and the spiritual intensity evident from note one of "Passion Dance." Elvin's carpet of rhythm behind Tyner was, after all this time, inevitable, and Joe Henderson and Ron Carter heroically muscle into this musical marriage. Tyner has recorded in numerous contexts over the past 30 years -- from solo standards to Latin jazz to a collaboration with Stephane Grappelli -- but this is the template for his impressive career, the real McCoy.

1. [8:46] Passion Dance
2. [9:12] Contemplation
3. [6:37] Four By Five
4. [6:32] Search For Peace
5. [6:00] Blues On The Corner

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