Melanie Martinez : Cry Baby (Explicit)

Melanie Martinez : Cry Baby (Explicit) CD

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Melanie Martinez wants to tell you a story. It's fictional, but it's also about her, in a way that's somewhat exaggerated and darker than reality. The tale traces through Melanie's debut album Cry Baby, a collection of pop songs that draw inspiration from singer-songwriter folk and hip-hop and follow a character who learns to be more comfortable with who she is. The journey of the character, who Melanie dubbed Cry Baby, mirrors the musician's own. 

1. [3:59] Cry Baby [Explicit]
2. [3:51] Dollhouse
3. [3:15] Sippy Cup [Explicit]
4. [3:50] Carousel
5. [4:13] Alphabet Boy [Explicit]
6. [3:29] Soap
7. [3:25] Training Wheels [Explicit]
8. [3:24] Pity Party
9. [3:09] Tag, you're it
10. [3:26] Milk and Cookies [Explicit]
11. [3:40] Pacify Her
12. [3:37] Mrs. Potato Head
13. [3:21] Mad Hatter

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