Minnie Driver : Everything I've Got in My Pocket

Minnie Driver : Everything I've Got in My Pocket

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Everything I've Got in My Pocket was recorded with members of the Wallflowers and Pete Yorn's band. The album deftly blends Driver's sultry, bittersweet vocals with sparse, atmospheric pop and a hint of contemporary folk. Includes ten original songs and an unforgettable cover of Bruce Springsteen's 'Hungry Heart.'
British actress Minnie Driver's debut album is a more than credible affair--and a far cry from the usual travesty that unfolds with thespians who pine to be rock stars--outdistancing efforts by brethren like Don Johnson, Russell Crowe, and more recently Juliette Lewis. But then Driver was well on her way to becoming a recording artist as a member of the Puffs, Rock and Brown, but was sidetracked when she scored the starring role in 1995's Circle of Friends. If this CD is any indication, she should have rethought her priorities. Driver's voice is a wistful and stylish hybrid of a rather morose and breathy Kathleen Edwards and a more austere Sheryl Crow, raiding her own rather colorful autobiography for material, giving fans a chance to pick apart her rather melancholy lyrics to decipher which one of her famous beaus--like Matt Damon, Harrison Ford, Josh Brolin, or John Cusack--inspired them. Driver convinced members of the Wallflowers and Pete Yorn (whose brother is her agent) to play join her in the studio, giving her music a deft authentic gloss that might not have surfaced had she just used nameless studio pros. As a result Driver's music is languid and sensual dream pop, verging on alt country, but never making it over that rickety wooden fence. --Jaan Uhelszki

1. [3:52] Everything I've Got in My Pocket
2. [3:35] Invisible Girl
3. [4:14] Fast As You Can
4. [4:58] Wire
5. [3:51] Home
6. [5:25] Deeper Water
7. [3:56] So Well
8. [4:08] Hungry Heart
9. [4:36] Down
10. [5:03] Yellow Eyes
11. [2:45] Ruby Adeline

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