My Chemical Romance : The Black Parade

My Chemical Romance : The Black Parade

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The Black Parade, My Chemical Romance's follow-up to its 2004 platinum major-label debut Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, "is way more dramatic, way more theatrical, completely over the top, borderline psychotic," says Gerard Way. "It's the most pure, intense thing we've ever been involved in." Producer by Rob Cavallo (Green Day), the album is a celebration of love and death and darkness. Join The Black Parade.
My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way has alternately described his band's third album as "completely over the top" and "borderline psychotic." But even those words can't adequately prepare fans of the group's 2004 platinum major-label debut, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, for the onslaught of twisted song suites, glam-rock cannon fire and drama-club theatrics that make up The Black Parade. Tracks like "Mama" and "The End" make "Bohemian Rhapsody" sound like "Blitzkrieg Bop." It's no coincidence that the disc feels as dizzyingly monumental as Green Day's American Idiot--after all, the two albums share the same label, producer, studio, janitorial team, and sense of apocalyptic dread. Similarly, The Black Parade will cast its creators in a completely new light. Despite its overly histrionic tendencies and a totally oddball cameo from Liza Minelli, it offers a clear signal that My Chemical Romance is ready to be taken seriously. --Aidin Vaziri

1. [1:52] The End.
2. [3:15] Dead!
3. [3:59] This Is How I Disappear
4. [3:20] The Sharpest Lives
5. [5:11] Welcome To The Black Parade
6. [3:58] I Don't Love You
7. [3:04] House Of Wolves
8. [2:23] Cancer
9. [4:39] Mama
10. [4:43] Sleep
11. [2:41] Teenagers
12. [4:55] Disenchanted
13. [4:59] Famous Last Words
14. [2:53] Blood (Hidden Track) [Explicit]

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