Primus : Anti Pop

Primus : Anti Pop

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1999 studio album featuring contributions from TOM WAITS and members of METALLICA & R.A.T.M.
Antipop, indeed. Primus, led by mad genius/bassist/vocalist Les Claypool, enjoyed past radio success with "Jerry Was a Race Car Driver" and "Wynonna's Big Brown Beaver." And on Antipop, Primus's usual staccato freneticism and rhythm-propelled tunes are as compelling, demanding, and provocative as ever. Like Mr. Bungle, another oddball Northern California outfit, Primus's humor is omnipresent, though not in a Weird Al way, despite the fact that Claypool's nasal delivery is not unlike Mr. Yankovic's. Most of Antipop is patented Primus funk-pop, what with a song about "sniffing paint since the seventh grade" ("Lacquerhead") and the autobiographical title track ("I am the Antipop / I'll run against the grain 'til the day I drop"). Still, there are a few departures. The spacey, seemingly deliberate Pink Floyd homage "Eclectic Electric" is cool, as is the very Tom Waits-like "Coattails of a Dead Man." --Katherine Turman

1. [0:17] Intro
2. [2:55] Electric Uncle Sam
3. [4:12] Natural Joe
4. [3:49] Lacquer Head
5. [5:33] The Antipop
6. [8:34] Eclectic Electric
7. [5:10] Greet The Sacred Cow
8. [5:04] Mama Didn't Raise No Fool
9. [4:48] Dirty Drowning Man
10. [3:28] The Ballad Of Bodacious
11. [3:42] Power Mad
12. [5:39] The Final Voyage Of The Liquid Sky
13. [9:57] Coattails Of A Dead Man

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