Public Enemy : It Takes A Nation

Public Enemy : It Takes A Nation

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Earth-shattering 2nd album feat.'Bring The Noise' & 'Don't Believe the Hype'
It Takes a Nation of Millions was the sign that hip-hop had exploded like a grenade. A rap record as abrasive, hardcore, and eloquent as a JFK speech, the 1988 disc is one classic track after another: tense, multilayered, harmonically wild music. Chuck D. declaims like a master preacher with foil Flavor Flav's voice darting around his. They've got the desperate energy of people fighting for their lives, and everything from their pumped-up rhetoric ("Prophets of Rage") to the group's quasi-paramilitary organization to the sirens and sax squeals in nearly every track declares how urgent their mission is. It's a hugely influential album, and it still sounds fresh and frightening after all these years. --Douglas Wolk

1. [1:40] Countdown To Armageddon
2. [3:46] Bring The Noise
3. [5:19] Don't Believe The Hype
4. [4:17] Cold Lampin' With Flavor [Explicit]
5. [4:31] Terminator X To The Edge Of Panic
6. [1:21] Mind Terrorist
7. [3:37] Louder Than A Bomb
8. [4:53] Caught, Can We Get A Witness?
9. [1:56] Show 'Em Whatcha Got [Explicit]
10. [3:49] She Watch Channel Zero?!
11. [3:14] Night Of The Living Baseheads [Explicit]
12. [6:23] Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos [Explicit]
13. [1:20] Security Of The First World
14. [5:02] Rebel Without A Pause
15. [3:18] Prophets Of Rage
16. [3:25] Party For Your Right To Fight

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