Rush : Permanent Waves (Remastered)

Rush : Permanent Waves (Remastered)

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RUSH Permanent Waves CD
One of Rush's finest moments, second only to Moving Pictures. This album includes two classic songs, "The Spirit of Radio" (which has one of the most recognizable guitar riffs in all of rock) and "Freewill." There's also the epic-feeling "Jacob's Ladder," as well as "Entre Nous," a sort of intellectual love song (if such a thing can be said to exist). The introspective "Different Strings" and the anthemic "Natural Science" (which clocks in at over nine minutes) close the album. Though there are only six songs on Permanent Waves, it's enough; the material is rich enough that more of it would be like overdosing on chocolate. -- Genevieve Williams

1. [4:59] The Spirit Of Radio
2. [5:24] Freewill
3. [7:28] Jacob's Ladder
4. [4:37] Entre Nous
5. [3:50] Different Strings
6. [9:17] Natural Science

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