Satie, Erik : Satiesfictions: Promenades with Erik Satie

Satiesfictions: Promenades with Erik Satie DVD

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Always armed with wisecracks, umbrella, and a bowler hat, Erik Satie was not only on the outside one of the strangest figures in the early 20th c. French avant-garde; he was a composer, designer, church founder, PR pioneer, and master of witty remarks. In playful episodes, the documentary Satiesfictions: Promenades with Erik Satie, illuminates the overall phenomenon of Satie. His countless imaginary advertisements evolve into real commercials, and his drawings take on a life of their own as cartoons. Divas, dogs, puppets, and children, as well as pianists playing pianos stacked on top of each other are featured in scenic interludes, while performers turn into musical furniture in swimming pools, factories, or at train stations. Interwoven with accounts by Saties associates and music experts, the film offers a unique insight into Satie's cosmos of word and sound. Featured appearances by Jean Cocteau, Man Ray, Henri Sauguet, Georges Auric, Virgil Thomson and Steffen Schleiermacher, among others.
""Befitting its extraordinary subject, Anne-Kathrin Peitz and Youlian Tabakov's brilliant film about the French composer and hardline agent provocateur Erik Satie aims at more than a standard life-and-works biography...""
""But underlying these verbal, musical and visual puns is a sincere attempt to crack the enigma of Satie."" --Philip Clark, Gramophone Editor's Choice, November 2015

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