Secret Garden : Once In A Red Moon CD

Secret Garden : Once In A Red Moon CD

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A mature and at times moving work, Once in a Red Moon fortifies Secret Garden's stature as a marquee New Age act. The duo of Irish violinist Fionnuala Sherry and pianist-composer Rolf Lovland here refine their specialty of making classical/contemporary/Celtic mini-epics in small orchestral and choral settings. Moreover, each piece elicits reflection, celebration, or atonement with the divine. Red Moon's mood of melancholy is stronger than usual--"Invitation" and "Fairytale" are the disc's only propulsive tracks--though there's an undercurrent of lamentation and reverence. Highlights include the gospel-fueled, Josh Groban-like "You Raise Me Up," sung by Brian Kennedy (Riverdance) and fittingly conducted by Steven Mercurio (musical director for Andrea Bocelli). And a riveting, slow-building plea for peace, "Elegie," features the voices of Anuna and a forceful, concluding piano chord--a composite of 66 C chords submitted by fans worldwide in response to an online invitation from the group. --Terry Wood

1. [3:55] Awakening
2. [5:04] You Raise Me Up
3. [3:42] Silent wings
4. [4:45] Greenwaves
5. [3:59] Invitation
6. [3:58] Duo
7. [3:58] Belonging
8. [4:29] Gates Of Dawn
9. [3:20] The Promise
10. [3:27] Fairytale
11. [5:01] Once In A Red Moon
12. [5:35] Elegie

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