Rush : Snakes And Arrows 2xLP RE (200-Gram, Audiophile)

Rush : Snakes And Arrows 2xLP RE (200-Gram, Audiophile)

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A return to their former glory days, Snakes and Arrows shows this seminal prog rock band reclaiming their sonic territory. It's not certain what contributed to this artistic rebirth, but Rush has crafted a historical and emotional odyssey that shows many both where they've been and where they're going--from the baroque soundscapes of "The Main Monkey Business," reminiscent of their earliest work to the seductive almost folkloric urgency of "The Way the Wind Blows," which is as dangerous, anxious, and prophetic as anything that Arcade Fire or Mars Volta is doing currently.

Main Lyricist Neil Peart has spent the last decade getting over the death of his wife and daughter, and those tragic events have given his songwriting more depth and gravity as he explores the strengths and limitations of faith in both metaphoric and literal detail.

While never didactic or ponderous, this disc is really an instruction manual for how one conducts themselves with grace and hope through unendurable pain and the vagaries of life. Gone is much of the shrillness of their earlier incarnations--Geddy Lee's trademark high pitch shrieks have mellowed considerably and Alex Lifesong's guitar playing has an assurance and freedom that can only come with age. --Jaan Uhelszki

1. [5:19] Far Cry
2. [6:36] Armor And Sword
3. [4:47] Working Them Angels
4. [4:07] Larger Bowl
5. [5:24] Spindrift
6. [6:01] Monkey Business
7. [6:28] The Way The Wind Blows
8. [2:02] Hope
9. [5:31] Faithless
10. [5:12] Bravest Face
11. [4:51] Good News First
12. [2:17] Malignant Narcissism
13. [4:13] Hold On

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