Sting : Mercury Falling

Sting : Mercury Falling CD

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Falling somewhere between the pop sensibilities of Ten Summoner's Tales and the searching ambition of The Soul Cages, Mercury Falling is one of Sting's tighter records, even if it fails to compel as much as his previous solo albums. Though he doesn't flaunt his jazz aspirations as he did in the mid-'80s, Mercury Falling feels more serious than The Dream of the Blue Turtles, primarily because of its reserved, high-class production and execution. Building from surprisingly simple, memorable melodies, Sting creates multi-layered, vaguely soul-influenced arrangements that carry all of the hallmarks of someone who has studied music, not lived it. Of course, there are many pleasures in the record -- for all of his pretensions, Sting remains an engaging melodicist, as well as a clever lyricist. There just happens to be a distinct lack of energy, stemming from the suffocating layers of synthesizers. Mercury Falling is a record of modest pleasures; it's just not an infectious, compulsive listen. 

1. [5:26] The Hounds Of Winter
2. [4:40] I Hung My Head
3. [6:43] Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot
4. [5:50] I Was Brought To My Senses
5. [3:46] You Still Touch Me
6. [3:57] I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying
7. [4:29] All Four Seasons
8. [5:16] La Belle Dame Sans Regrets
9. [5:27] Valparaiso
10. [2:37] Lithium Sunset

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