Ten Years After : The Anthology (1967-1971) [2 CD]

Ten Years After : The Anthology (1967-1971) 2xCD

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An incredible selection of 1967-1971 recordings from this top notch boogie and blues rock outfit! Includes Spoonful; Portable People; Boogie On; 50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain; Let the Sky Fall; Love Like A Man , and more 26 tracks in all!
Say what you will, but England's Ten Years After certainly knew when to peak: their manic, 12-minute workout of "I'm Going Home" (included here) upstaged a veritable army of '60s superstars and remains one of the highlights of the film Woodstock. As blues-smitten U.K. rockers go, TYA may not have been as inventive as the Yardbirds, guitarist/frontman Alvin Lee neither as tastefully polished as Clapton nor as bombastic and exotic as Page, but their sheer dedication and steamroller determination (exemplified by nearly 30 American tours during the Woodstock era) were second to none. This double-disc, 26-track anthology spans the band's eight-albums-in-five-years prime, from its workmanlike 1967 covers of blues staples "I Want to Know" and "Spoonful" through a pair of rare 1968 singles (highlighted by Lee's quirky, country-folk "Portable People") to its 1971 pop hit, "I'd Love to Change the World." Lee's primitivist urges and legendary, lightning-fingered guitar heroics fuel everything from moody, simmering dirges like "Help Me" and upbeat Chi-town shuffles in the "Me and My Baby" mold to the Cro-Magnon riff-rock of "Love Like a Man" and the proto-psych-blues of "50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain." If TYA's music is often as nimble and slick as a stegosaur--and arguably as timely--it's equally as leathery, unrelenting, and hard to ignore. --Jerry McCulley

1. [2:08] I Want To Know
2. [5:22] I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes
3. [6:02] Spoonful
4. [9:49] Help Me
5. [2:11] Portable People
6. [4:09] The Sounds
7. [2:59] Rock Your Mama
8. [7:11] Spider In My Web (Live)
9. [9:44] I May Be Wrong, But I Won't Be Wrong Always (Live)
10. [4:47] Going To Try
11. [4:37] Woman Trouble
12. [5:45] Hear Me Calling
13. [14:27] Boogie On
14. [5:31] I Woke Up This Morning
15. [5:22] If You Should Love Me
16. [7:06] Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
17. [11:59] I'm Going Home (1969/Live At Woodstock)
18. [4:11] Me And My Baby
19. [7:38] Love Like A Man
20. [7:39] 50,000 Miles Beneath My Brain
21. [3:45] I'm Coming On
22. [5:21] My Baby Left Me
23. [5:49] One Of These Days
24. [4:31] Here They Come
25. [3:44] I'd Love To Change The World
26. [4:20] Let The Sky Fall

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