The All-American Rejects : The All-American Rejects

The All-American Rejects : The All-American Rejects

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All-American Rejects ~ All-American Rejects
While comparisons to nerd-rock dandies Weezer are probably inevitable for the fabulously named All-American Rejects, discerning listeners will note that where the cheeky lyrics about painfully awkward love end, the group's rhythmic force picks up, positioning the Oklahoma crew more as a geeky Green Day than the above-named preppy pop dabblers. No shame in that--on their major label debut, the All-American Rejects marry punk and pop with a clear sense of purpose and no particular loyalty to either form, cherry-picking the best of each and arriving at a spiky, effervescent middle ground. Singer Tyson Ritter is especially convincing in his role as hapless lover. But on tracks like the muscular "Too Far Gone" and the vaguely orchestral "The Last Song," Ritter's comrades drive the whole shebang home with instrumental freight. And you'd have to be pretty hard-hearted not to find yourself echoing the sing-singy strains of "Swing Swing" and "My Paper Heart." Fans of ironic pop--Box Car Racer, Fountains of Wayne, and their ilk--get crackin'. --Kim Hughes

1. [3:48] My Paper Heart (Album Version)
2. [4:20] Your Star (Album Version)
3. [3:53] Swing, Swing (Album Version)
4. [3:30] Time Stands Still (Album Version)
5. [3:03] One More Sad Song (Album Version)
6. [4:16] Why Worry (Album Version)
7. [3:28] Don't Leave Me (Album Version)
8. [4:05] Too Far Gone (Album Version)
9. [3:00] Drive Away (Album Version)
10. [4:20] Happy Endings (Album Version)
11. [5:00] The Last Song (Album Version)

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