The Isley Brothers : Body Kiss (Feat. Ronald Isley AKA Mr. Biggs)

The Isley Brothers : Body Kiss (Feat. Ronald Isley AKA Mr. Biggs)

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It’s a lot less jarring these days to hear R. Kelly’s romantic sentiments filtered through Ron Isley’s still sumptuous 60-something vocal cords. Kelly wrote and produced 11 of Body Kiss’s dozen tracks, hewing close to the sound and spirit of vintage quiet-storm Isley Brothers moments such as "For the Love of You" and "Between the Sheets." Though the lack of writing contributions from Ron and remaining brother Ernie is somewhat dismaying, this is a solid album that’s both easy on and ever-so-slightly challenging to the ears. While there’s none of the Isley’s signature funk-rock here, it’s a kick to hear the repeated "whoo" hook on the title track. The Isley Brothers remain playas worth listening to. --Rickey Wright

1. [3:54] Superstar
2. [4:31] Lucky Charm
3. [3:47] What Would You Do? [feat. The Pied Piper]
4. [4:02] Body Kiss [feat. Lil' Kim]
5. [3:58] Busted [feat. JS]
6. [4:59] Showdown Vol. 1
7. [3:09] Keep It Flowin'
8. [3:58] Prize Possession
9. [4:15] Take A Ride
10. [4:16] I Want That
11. [3:03] I Like [feat. The Pied Piper, Snoop Dogg]
12. [3:20] What Would You Do? Pt. 2 [feat. The Pied Piper]

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