Troi Irons - Turbulence EP

Troi Irons - Turbulence EP

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Troi Irons is a twenty something singing-songwriting guitarist. Her mom is 80s recording artist Anne G and her dad drummed for the 70s group Brick. They instilled in her that a song could channel feelings that might not otherwise emerge. During her childhood, Troi s mom taught her and her siblings how to sing a four-part harmony and the family recorded an a Capella Christmas album.
The family moved to Southern California when Troi was 12 so that she could enroll in an early college program at Cal State. Troi started teaching herself guitar learning riffs to Green Day s American Idol and a Beatles Greatest Hits album. The instrument stuck and she began penning her own songs with her twin sister. Those tunes led to the duo, dubbed Axiz, to signing a record deal in 2008. Since then, Troi has come to realize that music is the path that she was meant to pursue.
Fans that like Bon Iver and Green Day may enjoy the discovery of Troi Irons.

1. Call Me
2. Peculiar
3. Lawless
4. Fool
1. Karma
2. Worst Habit
3. Today

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