Trust Company : The Lonely Position of Neutral

Trust Company : The Lonely Position of Neutral

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Trust Company ~ Lonely Position Of Neutral
Though this semi-anguished boy-metal group claims that lock-jawed Helmet is a primary influence (and layers of frayed guitar chords support that claim) Trust Company are better characterized as a simpler and slightly more heartfelt relative of Linkin Park. Minus the turntables and digital tricks, but laden with revealing lyrics, a wide guitar sound, and thumping rock rhythms, Trust Company charge fearlessly through the gaping hole in the pop landscape left by more famous contemporaries. Thanks to Linkin producer Don Gilmore, their major-label debut is smoother than those of Papa Roach and Puddle of Mudd. To their detriment, they're sometimes lulled by the slickness of their polished hooks. Like the title implies, the ride is more impressive when the band dares to veer beyond its own neutrality. --Ian Christe

1. [3:11] Downfall (Album Version)
2. [3:28] Falling Apart (Album Version)
3. [3:38] Hover (Album Version)
4. [3:08] Running From Me (Album Version)
5. [3:06] Slipping Away (Album Version)
6. [3:55] Figure 8 (Album Version)
7. [3:19] The Fear (Album Version)
8. [3:14] Deeper Into You (Album Version)
9. [3:27] Drop To Zero (Album Version)
10. [4:09] Finally (Album Version)
11. [3:13] Take It All (Album Version)

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