Warren G : Regulate . . . G Funk Era

Warren G : Regulate . . . G Funk Era

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Regulate . . . G Funk Era
Warren Griffin was due some sort of notoriety ever since he introduced best friend Snoop to half-brother Dre, and thus set the stage for one of the more noteworthy musical collaborations in recent years. But who imagined he had it in him to match the smooth gangster ride of those g-funk all stars with lyrics and tracks of his own? Falling somewhere between Long Beach comrades Domino and Snoop on the pop-R&B-rap continuum, Warren is at his best when his catchy soul melodies get equal time with his rhymes to create a radio friendly groove that's virtually unshakable once planted in your head. While not every song is as memorable, Regulate boasts at least two hip-hop classics: The shuffle beat bliss "This Is the Shack," and the title cut, featuring Michael McDonald's icy keyboard lick and partner Nate Dogg's gorgeous singing, destined to be the standout single of the year. With an excessively tuneful, but not excessively violent or vulgur, debut, Warren G.'s future lies way beyond the shadow of his better known associates. --Roni Sarig

1. Regulate
2. Do You See
3. Gangsta Sermon
4. Recognize
5. Super Soul Sis
6. '94 Ho Draft
7. So Many Ways
8. This D.J.
9. This Is The Shack
10. What's Next
11. And Ya Don't Stop
12. Runnin' Wit No Breaks

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