Weezer : Maladroit

Weezer : Maladroit

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Weezer Maladroit US CD album
After taking five leisurely years to follow up on 1996's Pinkerton, Weezer are apparently on a roll. Arriving just over 12 months after The Green Album, Maladroit finds the Los Angeles power-pop band in the midst of a particularly fertile creative period. "Dope Nose," which is easily stronger than anything on the last album, flexes a sinister shout-along chorus and vintage Van Halen riffs, while the potent garage-punk blast of "Fall Together" wipes out any lingering discomfort over the thoroughly Sugar Ray-sounding "Island in the Sun." In a sense The Green Album was just a taster for this, the blissfully thunderous main dish. Sure, there are some deadpan emo moments ("Death and Destruction") littering the course, but mostly Maladroit is Weezer doing what they do best--inverting and embracing dumb rock stereotypes and somehow making them sound smart. --Aidin Vaziri

1. [2:42] American Gigolo (Album Version)
2. [2:17] Dope Nose (Album Version)
3. [2:52] Keep Fishin' (Album Version)
4. [3:04] Take Control (Album Version)
5. [2:38] Death And Destruction (Album Version)
6. [3:09] Slob (Album Version)
7. [2:38] Burndt Jamb (Album Version)
8. [1:53] Space Rock (Album Version)
9. [2:53] Slave (Album Version)
10. [2:00] Fall Together (Album Version)
11. [2:00] Possibilities (Album Version)
12. [2:35] Love Explosion (Album Version)
13. [2:59] December (Album Version)

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