Yusuf/Cat Stevens : Tea For The Tillerman (Remastered)

Yusuf / Cat Stevens : Tea For The Tillerman (Remastered) CD

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Remastered 1970 classic featuring "Father & Son","Wild World","Where Do The Children Play".
Cat Stevens tends to be lumped in with the early-'70s singer-songwriter school led by James Taylor and Carole King, but he actually fits in rather neatly with such wistful English contemporaries as Nick Drake, Syd Barrett, and Donovan. Tea for the Tillerman's "Wild World," "Into White," and "Longer Boats" indicate that he may have been a more gifted tunesmith than the lot of them. As with the best of the Brit folk-rockers, Stevens mixed melancholy with whimsy. Yes, he was prone to airy platitudes, but when he harnessed his eccentricities, as he did throughout this 1970 masterwork, you had something truly distinctive. A natural cult artist, à la Tim Buckley and Leonard Cohen, Stevens connected with record-buyers to the tune of 25 million units sold before he changed his name to Yusuf Islam, established an Islamic school, and raised a ruckus by supporting Ayatollah Khomeini's death decree against author Salman Rushdie. This remastered 2000 version of the 1970 recording, which was overseen by the artist, is a vast improvement over the earlier CD reissue. --Steve Stolder

1. [3:52] Where Do The Children Play?
2. [3:47] Hard Headed Woman
3. [3:20] Wild World
4. [3:45] Sad Lisa
5. [3:37] Miles From Nowhere
6. [1:53] But I Might Die Tonight
7. [3:12] Longer Boats
8. [3:24] Into White
9. [5:04] On The Road To Find Out
10. [3:41] Father And Son
11. [1:01] Tea For The Tillerman

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